Sildenafil is usually well tolerated and a few negative effects can develop - such as back pain, heat or inflammation in your face or chest, frustration, memory problems, stuffy nose, and indigestion.

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While it is not clear whether these symptoms are induced by Sildenafil or rather compared to that - by a selection of factors (cigarette smoking, age, pre-existing eye problems), if you see any changes in your vision please look for prompt medical support to avoid the disorder from worsening.

If they persist or get irritating, you might should get in touch with your physician, yet you can carry on with your Sildenafil therapy.

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This medication functions by stimulating blood circulation into the cells of the penis and preventing it from escaping back.

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Individuals allergic to Viagra or any type of various other medicines of the kind are not expected to begin taking Sildenafil as they might experience a sensitive response that might actually be a lot more severe than before.